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   2nd Thailand Woodball Championship 16-17 May 2009 At Nakornsawan Sports School
   1st Thailand Woodball Championship "Sukhothai Games 7 March 2009 At Sukhothai"
   7th Japan Open Woodball International Championship 26-28 September 2008 At Fukushima, Japan
   1st Asian Beach Games 18-26 September 2008 At Bali, Indonesia
   3rd World Cup Woodball Championsphip 2008 , 9th Singapore Lion Cup International Woodball Open Championship 2008 16-21 May 2008 At Singapore
   Woodball Championship For Thailand Players Selection Participation in The 1st Asian Beach Games 4 May 2008 At National Stadiam , Bangkok Thailand
   29th National School Games 7-10 February 2551 At Chumphon Thailand
   Woodball Championship In The National Sports Day 2007 16 December 2007 At National Stadiam, Bangkok Thailand
   24-26 November 2007 At Chiang Dao ,Chiang MaiThailand
   The First Thailand Sports For All 2007 14-16 September 2007 ,At Petchaboon Thailand
   Khon Kaen Woodball Championship 24 February 2550 At Khon Kaen Sports School Thailand
   The 2nd North Eastern Thailand Championship on 10 September 2005 at Khon Kaen Sports School, Thailand :: More detail
   The 5th Thailand Open Woodball Championship 2005 : Feb 28th March 5th 2006. , At Chiang Dow, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
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